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Matt Griffo is a live performer and recording artist. He records, works, and plays with Marilynn Eguchi, Leyla I. Royale, Ivan Pyzow and Moe Macpherson. They're a band of weirdos who love to play music and make people laugh. Griffo combines his passion for comedy with indie rock music to compose award-winning songs. He has been featured on FunnyorDie, BuzzFeed, and YouTube. Griffo's vocals, piano, and ukulele are backed by Marilynn Eguchi and Leyla I. Royale on cello. This show is “both toe-tapping and rib-tickling” (Chicago Sun Times).

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From the road

on set & in studio

March 14, 2016
Rochester, NY
Downstairs Cabaret Theatre

with Leyla I. Royale & Marilynn Eguchi on cello

November 15, 2015
Chicago, IL
Public House Theatre


July 26th 2016
Chicago, IL
Shooting video with Melanie & Griffo

The latest album

My Brother's Friend Jerome

This album was a long collaboration between Matt Griffo and friends of his in Chicago that are musicians and comedians.
Recorded in his home studio in Chicago from 2009 to 2015.
Matt writes most of his music in his studio and then when he performs it in front of an audience, looks back at the lyrics and makes notes of which lines got the biggest laughs. From their, he cuts the lyrics that got the least response and adds in new lyrics that get bigger laughs from the audience, much like a stand-up comedian.
This album came into fruition from years of writing and testing material in front of audiences.