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With his passion for music and comedy, Griffo’s show is what you get if Ben Folds and Flight of the Concords had a lovechild.  

He combines music with comedic lyrics. Griffo sings, plays ukulele, guitar and piano. He's been featured on FunnyorDie, YouTube, and Buzzfeed. Chicago Sun Times said his show is “both toe-tapping and rib-tickling”.

Griffo has been teaching and performing in Chicago since 2005. A former Musical Director of Second City, he’s performed for the Deltones at iO Chicago, was in the original cast of Second City’s musical comedy group “Infinite Sundaes”, and at the Black Box Comedy Festival Atlanta, LA Comedy Festival, Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Big Little Comedy Fest Cleveland, Chicago Sketchfest, The Laugh Factory Chicago, and the Charleston Comedy Festival, and opened for Reggie Watts.

Griffo is a performer, improv teacher, director and writer. He was part of Jason Chin's stage production of "The Year Without a Santa Claus" in 2005.

Griffo produced a holiday show in Chicago called "Holy $#!% It's Christmas!" between 2007 and 2009 as well as music directed for Second City's Outreach & Diversity company "Brownco". Griffo has music directed for the acclaimed musical improvisation group Baby Wants Candy and in 2010 Griffo was the music director, lyricist and composer of a musical satirizing the reality show "Jersey Shore" of "Jersey Shore: The Musical". That musical went from a 6 week run to acclaimed reviews and ran for 2 years as it went on to bigger and bigger theaters.

In 2012 Griffo released his studio album "Wait, I Forgot That I Don't Love You'. In 2013 Griffo released a live album called "Live at Geva", released numerous music videos between 2008 into the present and in 2016 released his studio album "My Brother's Friend Jerome".Griffo composed the music for the Annoyance Theater musical "Angela of Death" in 2013 and "Slamazons" in 2014. Griffo released a pilot self titled "Griffo" evolving around a musician and his band that keep failing at every turn in 2017.

He’s performed and taught for the Copenhagen International Improv Festival 2017, taught and toured around Europe twice in 2018. He performed two shows at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Griffo is a graduate of the acclaimed Second City Conservatory, iO Conservatory, and the Annoyance Improv Training Program.

He's released 3 albums, recently finished a tv pilot and is constantly performing live.

Griffo began touring around Europe and teaching musical improv from 2017 till the pandemic hit.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, European touring shifted to online live streams, and when venues opened back up, Griffo starting playing regularly again at the Green Mill Jazz Club in Uptown in Chicago. And a speakeasy called the Drifter, under the Green Door Tavern in downtown Chicago.

2022 was lots of playing piano and singing for private events and live shows at the Drifter and Green Mill and working on the podcast "Then This Happened: Musical Stories".


You can see more of what he's up to now at his Patreon page.