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Musical improv is not only an essential skill for improvisors to learn, it's also extremely fun. Matt Griffo brings in 14 years of improvisational experience to these workshops, leading students to find the play in making up songs on the spot in solo and group settings.

Griffo is a piano player and music director

If it's not in your budget to hire a separate piano player, Griffo can play the piano, and also teaches musicians how to improvise for shows.



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From the acclaimed Second City Theatre, iO Chicago, LOL Theatre, the infamous Chicago musical group Baby Wants Candy, Second City's musical group "Infinite Sundaes", and Columbia College Griffo has been playing and teaching with some of the best groups and theater schools in the United States.

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Matt Griffo taught two 8 week musical improv classes at Laugh Out Loud Theater in Schaumburg, IL last year. I took both. Being relatively new to improv, I was terrified, but decided to jump into the first class because I always do what scares me the most! I wasted a lot of time worried about the class because although I can carry a tune and have an innate sense of rhythm, I have a voice that I felt should be declared a criminal offense should I sing in public. Not to worry, however, Matt assured me that not only was I very much okay, but he gave me the courage to “let it fly” and belt out songs. It was super fun and he was nothing but encouraging.  Matt understood that we were not advanced professionals and interacted with the class with humor and kindness, forcing us to realize that we were quite capable of doing musical improv.One of the most endearing things I witnessed Matt do was to take one of the students who had absolutely no sense of rhythm and support them with extensive one on one coaching, something it takes a great teacher to do. The only fault I can find with Matt is that he is not teaching another session at our school.  I can’t wait for him to return.

Michael Greenberg - Schaumburg IL

Marla Schweppe - Rochester, NY

Matt Griffo is an amazing workshop leader.  While in Rochester NY to perform at the Fringe Festival he did workshops for my RIT students.  In 2016, he did a music improv workshop for grad students, most of whom were international and in their first semester in the US.  They were a daunting group as their English wasn’t strong.  By the end of the workshop, he had them all up and interacting.  They loosened up and carried that attitude back to their studies.  This past fall, he did another music improv workshop, this time for freshmen.  The effect was much the same.  The students relaxed and got into the improve and got to know each other better.  They have been working well together since the workshop.

Maryam Azadi - Hamburg, Germany

We were very excited to have Matt in Hamburg to teach us musical improv.

He did a wonderful job of catching people from all different levels up and even managed to have us do a solid musical opening, when most of us hadn’t had much/any experience with that. As a teacher he builds his class in a way that no one gets lost and the progression is organic. As an MD he leads and follows effortlessly and catches you when you are unsure or don’t get the rhythm correctly. As a performer he is very funny and he has a beautiful singing voice.

We’re happy to have had Matt here and hope it wasn’t the last time!

Mike Olifirowicz - Chicago, IL

Matt is an amazing improviser, performer and instructor. I have taken several musical improv classes with him. He is patient, kind and enthusiastic. Always bringing a great attitude and positive energy to each class. He always gives positive reinforcement and feedback to each and every student. He even has given us homework to make us push ourselves to be better. He cares so much about every person in his class no matter what their talent level is. I know, because I have no musical talent and Matt changed that, sort of,  I still can’t carry a tune at all, but I now have the confidence to be onstage to be able to sing without fear or worry.

I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Matt in Copenhagen, and it was amazing! Matt accompanied us on the piano while we were learning  musical improv singing and acting. Not only was he a hugely talented piano- and ukulele player, but also his presence was truly supporting. I knew that Matt was going to back me up in every song I made, and thanks to him we made some great shows. His positive energy, years of experience and style of teaching made the workshop one of the best workshops I have ever attended!

Regine Karlsen - Oslo, Norway

Dominique Barir Jensen - Copenhagen, Denmark

After a 4-day musical improv course with Matt Griffo in Copenhagen, I was inspired to come to Chicago to learn more, before returning back home to start my own musical improv group. Griffo has been a wonderful teacher and mentor to me throughout this whole process.I’ve been fortunate to see Matt perform in multiple venues in Copenhagen and Chicago. His performances have never failed to leave me in tears of joy and laughter.